U.S. MARKED Smith & Wesson Model 41


A factory letter accompanies this incredible Model 41 confirming the configuration and detailing its original shipment on January 13, 1969 to US Army Disbursing Officer, Boston, Massachusetts. Knowledgeable collectors are aware of the extreme rarity of Model 46 and 41 examples being shipped to the military, as most were used by the pistol shooting teams for practice and very few have survived to collectors hands. This is an exceptional find and all original! The gun retains virtually 99% of the original blue finish showing only the faintest of collector type handling evidence and aging with a tiny rub on the trigger guard being the only real call-out. The bore is mint and the grips are every bit as fine as the gun itself. Quite frankly even a die-hard collector would spend years trying to find another example, be sure to jump on this investment grade S&W!

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