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Salt Lake Collectibles is no fluff, just top quality ordinance. Mr. Dye, owner and operator is always courteous, almost to a fault. His communication is clear, concise, and succinct across your preferred media, and accounts payable or receivable works toward your preferred methods. The company ensures your products are high priority items with precise and accurate delivery or acceptance. I have discovered that Mr. Dye is superbly connected and he has made more than appropriate accommodations to make transactions successful, including direct travel to the site. He has by far exceeded my expectations in S&W collector interest products, all guns and items are accepted without a wince, and each subsequent piece has ratcheted itself higher into the heavens. It is a little intimidating the casual ease that sentinel S&W’s are presented, but their acquisitions have been very good for my complexion. I am still bug eyed at what is on the table, and very much looking forward to more S&W prefrontal surprise!

– Dave

Our Customers Say

I first met George while looking for someone to handle an estate sale of several firearms, roughly 70 in total. I am more than pleased with the outcome of the sale. It exceeded my expectations in both time and total revenue generated. I have since had Salt Lake Collectibles sell several of my personal firearms and I have also purchased a few pistols to add to my small collection. George has always been up front and honest about everything and has been wonderful to deal with. I highly recommend Salt Lake Collectibles for both purchasing and selling fine firearms.

– Kenny

Our Customers Say

I received the Straight Line today and I just got home and took it out of the box!! It is absolutely the most awesome, incredible and stunning Straight Line I have ever seen!!!! It is brand new in the most awesome black case I have ever seen!!! It has the early case with the two pins on each end, less than 25 had that early feature!!!!  I am totally blown away with this incredible stunning Straight Line!!! Thank you so much for getting me this unbelievable stunning Straight Line!!!! Salt Lake Collectibles you are absolutely awesome!!! I am having so much fun just looking at it!!!

– Ernie

Our Customers Say