Smith & Wesson Pre Model 34 22/32 Kit Gun Factory Two Tone Pinto


Built in 1954 on the four screw J-frame this very rare Special Order Pre Model 34 22/32 Kit Gun is an all original factory two-tone aka ‘Pinto’ that comes in the original numbers matching Sunburst box and is equipped with a 4″ barrel, smooth rosewood presentation magna grips, red ramp front sight and white outline rear sight. Be sure to take careful note of the bottom of the original box which details each option for this awesome Kit Gun. Very few two tones are complete with the original box.

The gun retains 99% of the original bright blue and nickel finish and is in superb condition. The original smooth rosewood grips have a positively exquisite grain pattern! A wonderful two tone that will never need to be upgraded.

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