Smith & Wesson Nickel Model 17 No-Dash


Roy Jinks the Smith & Wesson Historian puts it best in the factory letter for this Model 17 No-Dash, “The nickel finish is very rare in this model”. The letter confirms the original nickel finish, Patridge front sight blade, checkered walnut grips and details its original shipment on March 31, 1961 to the Townley Metal & Hardware Company in Kansas City, Missouri as part of a single-unit special order. A copy of the original sales invoice further details that the gun was ordered for the Webster Hardware & Rental Company.

Original nickel K-22’s are ultra-rare and highly sought after, of which there are less than 25 known to exist. The majority are comprised of the 15 Model 17-3’s ordered by Bill Orr in 1974, which are all three-screw guns. There are less than ten known four or five screw Nickel K-22’s!

Built on the four-screw frame this nickel K-22 is all-original, including the numbers matching checkered walnut diamond magna grips, and is complete in a proper period box with the Nox-Rust paper, Helpful Hints brochure, and unused cleaning kit with the knurled sight adjustment tool. The gun retains 99% of the original nickel finish with some incredibly minor handling evidence that hardly at all detracts from the gun. There is no comparable gun to have, anytime or anywhere, and no upgrade will ever be possible.

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