RARE Smith & Wesson Model Marked 24 No Dash .44 Special


A factory letter accompanies this incredibly rare Model 24 No Dash confirming the configuration seen and detailing its original shipment on June 21, 1960 to the Texas Gun Clinic in Houston, Texas. Built on the four-screw N-frame the gun is equipped with a 4” barrel, original special order bright blue finish, white outline rear sight, target hammer, target trigger and the matching numbered checkered walnut diamond magna grips. Per the factory letter there was an additional $10 charge to cut the barrel with a total cost of $69.90. The gun is complete in the correct period box with the NOX-Rust paper, Helpful Hints brochure and the unused cleaning kit. This is one of only a small handful of special ordered and marked ‘Model 24’ examples to be found, knowledge able collectors are aware of their extreme rarity and value.

The gun remains in excellent overall condition, the original bright blue finish rates 98.5%+ and shows very minor wear to the muzzle ends and a light cylinder line. The bore and cylinder chambers are mint and the mechanical working order is flawless. The case colors are excellent and the original grips are every bit as crisp as the gun itself. Overall a highly sought after and extremely rare N-frame variation for the serious collector!

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