Factory Class A Harry Jarvis Engraved Smith & Wesson Pre Model 25


A factory letter accompanies this rarely seen and exceptional Harry Jarvis signed Class A Factory Engraved Pre Model 25 confirming the configuration and detailing its original shipment on April 3, 1956 to H. H. Harris in Chicago Illinois. The gun is equipped with a 6 1/2” barrel, original bright blue finish, smooth non relieved rosewood presentation target stocks, target hammer, target trigger and red ramp front sight. The gun is on the rare few to be so boldly signed ‘H.B. JARVIS’ on the frame beneath the cylinder window on the left side, note the hatching around this to draw prominence to the signature.

This rarely seen factory engraved 1955 Target is complete the numbered transition Mahogany display case with the unused tools including the knurled sight adjustment screwdriver and warranty card. The gun is mint from end to end and can never be upgraded in any way!!

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