Smith & Wesson RARE Pre Model 14 5″ Illinois State Police K-38


Built in October of 1957 as part of a very limited special order for the Illinois State Police this rare and sought after K-38 Masterpiece is equipped with a 5″ barrel, original bright blue finish and checkered Goncalo Alves diamond target stocks. The Illinois State Police ordered 230 of these identically configured guns in October of 1957 and a list of each gun was published in the Smith & Wesson Collectors Association biannual journal by factory historian Roy Jinks, which lists this guns original shipment. The gun is complete in a correct box that also is from the same limited order of ISP guns with the unused toolkit, NOX-Rust vapor paper and Helpful Hints and is numbered 304253, just 44 numbers off.

The gun remains in outstanding mint condition from end to end and is virtually new in every way showing only the faintest of collector type handling evidence and wear. The diamond target stocks are beautifully figured and are every bit as crisp and sharp as the gun itself! Overall an exceptionally rare and high condition K-frame example that will have a special place in any high-grade K-frame collection!

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