Smith & Wesson Pre Model 29 .44 Magnum LOWEST KNOWN SERIAL NUMBER 8 3/8″


A factory letter accompanies this fabulously rare .44 Magnum confirming the sought after configuration and detailing its original shipment, as the lowest known serial numbered long-barrel Pre Model 29, on August 17, 1959 to the Sutcliff Hardware Company in Louisville, Kentucky. The gun is complete in the original mahogany clamshell display case with all the unused cleaning tools and knurled sight adjustment screwdriver. Knowledgeable collectors are aware of the rarity of the 8 3/8″ barreled Pre Model 29’s, we have sold multiple 5″ .44 Magnums and this is the first long barrel example we’ve had in years!

This outstanding .44 Magnum remains in wonderful all original condition retaining 99% of the original bright blue finish which shows only the faintest of collector type handling evidence. The bore and cylinder chambers are mint and the mechanical working order is flawless. The ‘Cokes’ are really nicely figured and every bit as crisp as the gun itself. Bottom line, this is an extremely hard to find gun that would take even serious collectors many years to replicate. The condition is outstanding and the provenance is really neat. This is a special piece for the dedicated .44 Magnum collector!

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