Smith & Wesson Pre Model 27 3 1/2″ .357 Magnum Pinto Woody Ward Engraved


This fabulous Woody Ward engraved Pre Model 27 left the factory on October 27, 1950 and shipped to Harvan Sporting Goods in New York, New York and is equipped with a 3 1/2” barrel, factory blue and nickel two-tone finish with smooth Goncalo Alves presentation Magna grips.

Mr. F.B. Fletcher purchased the gun originally in 1950 and recruited well known engraver Woodford ‘Woody’ Ward of Beaumont, Texas to embellish the gun with flowing floral scrollwork which features a deep-relief carved stag along with two rabbits on the sideplate. Note Mr. Ward’s signature on the butt. Woodie Ward was an exceptional engraver, though due to health issues had a very short career and there are only a few surviving examples. There were several .357 Magnums he engraved for Smith & Wesson which were kept in the factory collection. This outstanding .357 Magnum is pictured on page 315 of Henry Stebbins book ‘Pistols’.

After this Pre-27 was engraved it was returned to the factory for finishing in May of 1952 and remains in outstanding condition. The gun retains 99% of the factory blue and nickel finish showing only the faintest collector-type handling evidence.  The extremely rare presentation Magna grips are every bit as mint as the gun itself and fit the engraving pattern to perfection. Bottom line a very special and skillfully engraved .357 Magnum in the most popular configuration that will have a special place in any investment grade collection.

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