Smith & Wesson Pre Model 25 Special Order 1955 .45 Target


This is a fantastic and truly unique Pre Model 25 aka 1955 .45 Target built on the three screw N-frame and is equipped with the original bright blue finish, McGivern gold bead front sight, white outline rear sight blade, target hammer, target trigger and smooth Goncalo Alves rosewood target stocks. This is a Pre Model 25 yet is built on the three screw frame, the serial number is 88156 and there is no ‘S’ prefix. By the serial number the production would be around 1952, several years before the Pre-25 was introduced, and going by the three screw frame the gun would have been manufactured around 1961 when the trigger guard screw was eliminated from production. The frame window bears the 88156 serial number, the cylinder has an ‘S’ stamped along with a ‘1’ and all assembly numbers match. This is likely a presentation item made from leftover parts by the service department and assigned a leftover serial number at the factory, much like a ‘Club Gun’ or an item given to a gun writer or close friend of the Wesson Family on an advertising account. Without a doubt this is the coolest .45 Target model we have ever offered for sale!

The gun is virtually as-new in every way and the bookend matched smooth rosewood grips are stunning. Overall a truly impressive 1955 .45 Target that is outstanding from end-to-end! 

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