Smith & Wesson Model 39 No Dash Devel Conversion


Produced by gunsmith Charles Kelsey the Devel full-house conversion was a top-to-bottom customization of a Model 59 or 39 Smith & Wesson, starting with a shortening of the grip frame and barrel, bobbing and serrated the hammer, replacing the sights, relieving the trigger guard area as well as adding the finger hook, micarta windowed grips, satin nickel finish, as well as a host of weight saving and reliability enhancements. There were only about 200 examples produced and they are extremely rare in any configuration! This is one of likely less than 10 Devel conversions that was built with a Model 39 No Dash, making it C&R eligible! This full-house conversion is number 199 in the series and remains in outstanding near-mint condition from end to end. This is a must-own for the serious 9mm collector!!

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