Smith & Wesson Model 1905 Original Chrome Finish


Built originally as a prototype to test the chrome finish, this Model of 1905, 4th Change, was sent as part of a small order to Harvey Rush in Kansas City, Missouri on December 9, 1941. These guns were sent with one 4″, a few 5″ and a few 6″ guns in a single order for Mr. Rush to test and evaluate. Most of these were sent back to factory as the plating was prone to flaking on the cylinder face, and were held in inventory until the mid 1960’s when they were sold to the Charles Greenblatt Co. 

This all original chrome M&P is one of less than fifteen known to exist, and is of such a rarity that few collectors are aware of its existence. This is also the only known 4″ Chrome M&P, the other examples built exclusively with a 5″ or 6″ barrel. 

The gun retains 99% of the original chrome finish which is bright and clear with faint collector type handling evidence and aging present. The original numbers matching service grips are very crisp and sharp with excellent checkering. Overall an extremely rare M&P variation that can never be upgraded or improved upon in any way. A must own!

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