Smith & Wesson 4″ 5-Screw Pre Model 29 .44 Magnum ANIB


A factory letter accompanies this rare Pre Model 29 .44 Magnum confirming the configuration and detailing its early shipment on February 13, 1957 to Hibbard Spencer & Bartlett Company in Chicago, Illinois. The gun is equipped with the sought after 4″ barrel, original bright blue finish, red ramp front sight, white outline rear sight and the checkered Goncalo Alves diamond target stocks AKA ‘Cokes’. This fantastic .44 Magnum is complete in the original and mint black display case with the unused cleaning tools.

The gun is in outstanding as-new condition and retains 99%+ of the original bright blue finish. The ‘Cokes’ are beautifully figured and every bit as mint as the gun. This is an amazing early 5-Screw 4″ .44 Magnum in the best condition any collector could ever hope for! Do not miss this one!!

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