Smith & Wesson 1st Model K-22 Outdoorsman


A factory letter accompanies this exceptional and historic 1st Model K-22 Outdoorsman detailing its original shipment on January 17, 1935 directly to Sergeant Victor Tetrault, of the Springfield Massachusetts police department. There is a host of documentation including copies of photographs of Sgt. Tetrault! This is an investment grade Outdoorsman complete in the equally mint red picture box with the cleaning brush, model brochure, tissue wrap and the sought after knurled sight adjustment screwdriver. An extremely unique S&W built with a grip adapter and magna grips, one of only a handful of known examples. The original bright blue finish is gorgeous and features the Sgt’s initials on the side plate. The gun is positively as-new in the box and is outstanding from end to end! No upgrade will ever be possible; if nothing but the very best will suffice then look no further! A MUST OWN!

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