Prototype Cased Model 57 .41 Magnum


This fabulous Model 57 shipped on September 7, 1965 to the Bob Smith Sporting Goods Store in Boston, Massachusetts and is equipped with the original bright blue finish, red ramp front sight, white outline rear sight and the checkered Goncalo Alves diamond target stocks AKA ‘Cokes’. This rare early production .41 Magnum is complete in the original and mint prototype display case which was only used on a few guns during the 2nd year of production. Model 57’s built in the first year of production were shipped in Mahogany display cases with velour lining. This Model 57 was shipped in an extremely rare prototype case, one of only a small handful ever used. These are the same size and feature the same interior fabric as the black display cases used on the .44 Magnums. The exterior is a thin vinyl woodgrain print. Note the case hardware is unique to this prototype as well. These are extremely interesting and historically significant for the model and given the rarity this will be an excellent investment!

The gun is 100% NEW and is flawless in every single way and the ‘Cokes’ are beautifully figured and perfect. Absolutely, positively no upgrade ever! 

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