ISRAELI SHIPPED 1968 FN Browning Hi-Power


Built in 1968 this special stocked and Israeli cartouched Hi-Power was sent directly from Fabrique Nationale in Belgium to Israel after the Six Day War to be evaluated for a military purchase order. Per the Browning Museum records this was a ten gun military order and this is the ONLY known example in collectors hands. The gun was owned and brought to the US by a former Mossad Agent who served as a weapons trainer and covert operative; his name and detailed history will be provided to the purchaser.

As a piece of history this is a truly special item that really doesn’t have any contemporary. You either own this one or you don’t! The gun is flat NEW in every single way. The original ‘red’ grips still have the grease pencil writing inside and the original blue finish is mint from end to end. Note the Israeli proof mark on the right side of the slide as well as on the original shoulder stock. The walnut stock and leather holster are in every bit as crisp and mint as the gun itself. As a collectors item this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime gun that has no equal!

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