Factory Inscribed Smith & Wesson Model 29 No Dash


A confirming factory letter accompanies this one-of-a-kind .44 Magnum confirming the rare configuration and detailing its original ‘shipment’ on August 28, 1961 to Smith & Wesson Board of Directors member Emerson W Axe of Tarrytown, New York. Per the included invoice the gun was picked up on August 16 by Mr. Axe as part of a three unit special order all with a gold inlaid front sight and the factory inscription. Note this is the only known factory inscribed Model 29 with a gold ramp front sight! The gun is equipped with a 4”barrel, original bright blue finish, checkered Goncalo Alves diamond target stocks AKA ‘Cokes’ and full target accessories including the original gold ramp front sight.

A truly special and investment grade factory inscribed and special ordered .44 Magnum that is complete in the original mahogany clamshell display case with the all of the unused cleaning tools. The gun retains 99%+ of the original bright blue finish showing only the faintest of collector-type handling evidence. Among the coolest .44 Magnums we have ever offered for sale, this rare 4-Screw will be a centerpiece investment in any high-grade collection!

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