Exhibition Oscar Young Factory Engraved Smith & Wesson Model 1905 1st Change


This positively incredible Oscar Young factory exhibition engraved Model of 1905 1st Change is the only known example of its type with a tremendously unique engraving pattern and execution! The gun is equipped with a 6” barrel, original nickel finish, original factory ivory grips and factory exhibition engraving. The ownership of the gun can be traced directly through four sets of prominent collecting hands since the 1970’s and comes with copies of two confirming factory letters detailing its original shipment on November 15, 1907 to the Edward Tryon Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is a special and unique example of Oscar Young’s later work featuring a tighter and more detailed scrollwork with lined shading and a different treatment of the small panels of the frame. The gun is fitted with factory ivory stocks and a lanyard ring both of which are very seldom seen special ordered features. Note this is the only known factory engraved M&P with a cylinder that was left unembellished.

A truly special, unique and important example of Oscar Young’s engraving work that serves as a far outlier showcasing the many styles of workmanship he was capable of. Examples of his work that break the mold of the standard numbered coverage are both highly prized and extremely limited. This amazing example is one of the few and is pictured in Mike Kennelly’s fantastic book Smith & Wesson Engraving on pg. 176. The condition is fabulous and the gun retains nearly 99% of the original nickel finish which is extremely bright and pleasing with some faint scattered aging that must be sought out. The factory ivory service grips are fabulous and fit the gun to perfection. Without any doubt this is the among the finest Oscar Young Factory Engraved M&P’s any collector could ever dream of! A gun worthy of the finest collection and one that is certain to be an excellent investment.

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